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The Suijin Volumiser Shower marks the dawn of a revolutionary new era in shower technology...

The market-leading patented technology integrated into every Suijin Volumiser Shower creates a powerful, yet incredibly delicate, volumised mist that vastly increases the surface area of the water that comes into contact with your body resulting in a far more comfortable shower experience that literally ‘Soaks’ you and leaves your skin intensely rejuvenated and incredibly soft to the touch.

The Suijin Volumiser Shower is like having a personal spa in your own bathroom and, with huge reductions in the volume of water and energy used - saving you an incredible 7o% + of water when compared to other showers – the Suijin Volumiser Shower is a true world leader in helping you to save both energy & money.

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Saves up to 80%
of water

Saves money
& energy

European design
& innovation

Eliminates any

Ultra low
flow rate

Stabilised &