Water saving hand shower

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With the ECOlight you will shower "greener".

The Water-saving hand shower ECOlight signalizes by the LED-illuminated showerjet, how much water and how much time you have consumed already.

No batteries required. The energy for the LED's is generated with a newly developed, quiet generator which is integrated in the shower head.

With memory function. The already used time can be saved for up to 2 minuets if the user interrupts the water supply. When turning on the water supply again it continues counting down.

Best comfort and low water consumption. The ECOlight is powered by the unique isflow valve. This worldwide patented valve regulates the flow of water to exactly 10 litres per minuet regardless of the water pressure - so you always shower with the optimum water flow. In addition to its precision the isoflow valve is characterized by minimal nosie and longevity.

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No batteries

Has memory

Amazing comfort

Low water

Has isoflow
built in

Colour chaning

What is isoflow?

isoflow has an unique, patented design. The O-ring is not exposed to the water but is protected by the two adjusting elements, which provide for the variable opening. Thus it combines precise flow rate control with low noise and long service life.