Who we are

Water isn’t running out – the water cycle is continuous, but with the increasing population there are more of us to share the water supply.

The amount of water we use is not sustainable, we have to use less on a daily basis to ensure our supply doesn’t run out.

We treasure our planet and its precious resources. Our aim is to bring a value to water, an asset which we have long taken for granted.

We want to make wasting water socially unacceptable by changing perception and behavior.

We achieve this by providing practical and economical solutions to help everyone conserve water and save energy.

Our products are designed to save water but in a way that is conducive with our lifestyles.

Why not have a luxury feel shower that uses less than half the water of a guzzling shower?

Why not use a super charged eco-tap that saves 80% of the water that a regular tap uses?

Using market-leading patented technology integrated into every Suijin Volumising product from showerheads to taps we have  created a powerful, yet incredibly delicate, volumised mist that vastly increases the surface area of the water that comes into contact with your body resulting in a far more comfortable washing experience that literally ‘Soaks’ you and leaves your skin intensely rejuvenated and incredibly soft to the touch.

At the same time that luxury feel is compounded by huge water savings of up to an incredible 80%.

It’s our world, it’s our water, let’s just make sure we look after what we have.

Join us….